Picture Perfect Murder The Ransom Walsh Series Book 1

Sin City has it all. Including a Serial Killer targeting police officers and their families.

Given the stakes, former homicide detective Ransom Walsh can’t afford to stay on the sidelines.

Politics of Murder The Ransom Walsh Series Book 2

The struggle between Power and Justice: a prostitute, a homeless man, a politician, and murder. The most unlikely of witnesses pull Ransom out of retirement and back to the streets of Las Vegas.

Law and Murder The Ransom Walsh Series Book 3

Averett Turing never intended to be a mob attorney. His reward? The mob killed his wife. The mob kidnapped his daughter. He has to decide—stay captive to the mob or take a chance on help. The best chance of escape lies with retired detective Ransom Walsh.


"A well thought out murder mystery with relatable main characters and superb attention to detail! The author has a real talent for story telling! I’m looking forward to Book 2!!"

S May

"Excellent read! Kept me locked in through to the end. Cannot wait until more Ransom Walsh stories come out! Way to go, Rusty!!!"


"This is one story that makes you really set up and listen and could have been out of the headlines of the news. It was totally enjoyable, I loved the mystery. This is one author that has no problem holding your attention with a story I couldn’t put down.."

Rusty Ellis Author Ransom Walsh Series

Rusty Ellis, Author

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