Fall of Adam - Rusty Ellis - A Chase Harper Justice Thriller

Crouch, Idaho has a secret. A secret hidden behind a paramilitary security force. Their leader calls them a Community. The residents of Crouch call them a cult.

Chase Harper doesn't care what they're called. His only concern is they have his sister and his niece, and he wants them back!

CH2 Under Duress A Chase Harper Justice Thriller Rusty Ellis

The mob. A single mother and her kids in their crosshairs. A retired Army Ranger. Can he stop the mob? Or will he only make matters worse?

Chase Harper’s objective was simple. Accompany a friend’s son to his first base assignment and then return home. Simple. Uneventful. A day’s drive to Minot, North Dakota, then back to Montana. An innocent detour into a local pawn shop changes everything.

That’s when Chase saw her. That’s when Chase saw them. Common sense said to walk away. Duty said stay.

Under Duress

CH3 Equal Justice

Drugs. An Army Ranger. And a District Attorney with political motives. An explosive mixture with the ability to ruin careers and lives. The Ranger’s only hope is his former Team Leader Chase Harper; a man he betrayed. Should Chase jeopardize his own freedom to take on the DA in this unbalanced game of cat and mouse, where the winner takes all?

You know the answer...Chase is all-in.

Equal Justice

Carl B.

"I have just spent the last 3 days, almost non-stop, reading Rusty Ellis' "Fall of Adam". WOW! The book starts out with a mystery that hooked me and I didn't want to stop until the antagonist got what was coming to him. "

Gabi R.

"There are some clever little jewels sprinkled throughout the book (like how to fool the sensors on HLC property). The story kept me engaged and turning the pages. It is the first book of a new series by Rusty Ellis, but I think it works as a standalone novel..."

Pam H.

"It's been a while since I picked up a book that I didn't mind walking away from. I couldn't get away from this one! It kept me engaged through to the end."

RW1 PPM cover

Sin City has it all. Including a Serial Killer targeting police officers and their families.

Given the stakes, former homicide detective Ransom Walsh can’t afford to stay on the sidelines.

RW2 POM cover

The struggle between Power and Justice: a prostitute, a homeless man, a politician, and murder. The most unlikely of witnesses pull Ransom out of retirement and back to the streets of Las Vegas.

RW3 LAM cover

Averett Turing never intended to be a mob attorney. His reward? The mob killed his wife. The mob kidnapped his daughter. He has to decide—stay captive to the mob or take a chance on help. The best chance of escape lies with retired detective Ransom Walsh.


"A well thought out murder mystery with relatable main characters and superb attention to detail! The author has a real talent for story telling! I’m looking forward to Book 2!!"

S May

"Excellent read! Kept me locked in through to the end. Cannot wait until more Ransom Walsh stories come out! Way to go, Rusty!!!"


"This is one story that makes you really set up and listen and could have been out of the headlines of the news. It was totally enjoyable, I loved the mystery. This is one author that has no problem holding your attention with a story I couldn’t put down.."

Rusty Ellis Author Ransom Walsh Series