Sin City has it all. Including a Serial Killer targeting police officers and their families. 

Given the stakes, former homicide detective Ransom Walsh can’t afford to stay on the sidelines. The city he served for 20 years hasn’t slowed down since retirement and his skills as a former homicide detective are needed now more than ever. 

Ransom teams up with his former partner, Leesa Gardner, to chase down the murderer before another devastating blow is struck against the community and law enforcement.

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There are times in life when we are faced with decisions having everlasting effects.

Hunter is a high school student, forced to choose which path to take. Hitting his head during an LDS church basketball game, his memory is shaken. The results leave him scrambling to make sense of his relationships with his family, his friends, and the teachings harbored deep inside him.

Hunter is left to choose between his best friend and his old life or to embrace his family and the feelings pushing against his past. And then there’s Jessie. She won’t give the old Hunter the time of day. Who can Hunter rely on to decide his future and help him choose which of life’s path to follow?

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The struggle between Power and Justice: a prostitute, a homeless man, a politician, and murder. The most unlikely of witnesses pull Ransom out of retirement and back to the streets of Las Vegas. The former homicide detective must uncover who is leaking tips about the case and the murders…his former partner, his girlfriend, a Senator? Who can he trust?

The killer serves a higher calling. Those sacrificed for the greater good of the people. Some lives are simply more disposable than others. Their value to society making them invisible.

Ransom sifts through an improbable group of witnesses, victims, and suspects; a strange mixture of water and oil. Individuals never likely to meet. Individuals never likely to find themselves in the same discussion. The only common ground: murder.

Entitlement. Privilege. The self-prescribed Political Elite.

Shunning class and status, Ransom’s only drive is to satisfy the plea of the voiceless victims, no matter where the gavel lands. A life is a life. Ransom squares off against his arrogant foe, to bring the killer to justice, to keep him from slipping through his fingers and answering for his crimes…

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Meet Edward “Ed” Bloom. This humorous story is set in modern-day Las Vegas, Nevada.

Working as a Runner for a local law firm, Ed is trapped figuring out love, life, and friendships. Neither of these three things are what they seem...even to adults!

When you meet Ed, you will more than likely find things in common with him, and that’s okay. Really.

Follow along in Ed’s diary as he rolls through life through the use of his alter-ego Link Boom and his cathartic blog.

I hope you enjoy these short reads and how they build upon each other.

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Averett Turing never intended to be a mob attorney. His reward? The mob killed his wife. The mob kidnapped his daughter. He has to decide—stay captive to the mob or take a chance on help. The best chance of escape lies with retired detective Ransom Walsh.

Retired detective Ransom Walsh has locked up dozens of convicted murderers. This case seemed, well, too easy. The pieces fit and the murderer put up a less than a stellar fight against his conviction. The man was guilty. He’d killed the woman. That was not in question. His motive was another thing.

It's been seven years since the murderer was sentenced and the victim’s daughter wants answers. When she visits her mother's killer in prison, several people take notice, including those with ties to the mob.

The mob reaches out to the murderer’s own daughter, sparking off a series of events leading to Ransom and his previous partner’s entrance into the underworld of organized crime in Las Vegas.

After being threatened over his daughter’s trip to the prison, the mob’s attorney tries to back away from working for them. They have other plans. And they’re not beneath involving innocent family members…again.

Ransom and his former partner chase the clues and the clock in working to solve the bigger crime surrounding his original case. The only problem, if Ransom's wrong, the attorney and his daughter could die.

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She knows what Teena’s done. She’s willing to keep Teena’s secret, never abandon her, and protect her to the end. They want Teena back. 

Teena Pierce is enjoying her time at a hotel and spa when she notices her surroundings changing. Pieces of her world begin to unravel, one strand at a time. The more she learns about the hotel and her stay, the closer the pain of the past and what she’s done returns.

They claim to want her to “get better.”

Her closest friend and constant companion is willing to overlook what she’s done. More importantly, to protect her from reentering their world and suffering from her past.

This short story is part of An Unpredictable Short series by author Rusty Ellis. Follow the journey down the rabbit hole and try to discover the ending before it finds you!

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Ava has a choice, fall prey or run. Fear drives her forward, staying in motion, refusing to stop. Their only mistake? Finding her.

Everything she owns is in an overstuffed bag clutched against her chest. The few worldly items make her mobile, light enough to keep moving, to keep running. A few items of clothing, a pair of heels, and a pocket knife. Everything in the world she owns.

Good deeds can be misconstrued, dangerously so. Kind acts can be twisted into perceived subtle attacks— causing fear, retribution, and the need to flee, at any and all costs. And the costs can include your life.

This short story is part of An Unpredictable Short series by author Rusty Ellis. Follow the journey down the rabbit hole and try to discover the ending before it finds you!

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The enemy’s closing. Hunting you and your four men. Reynolds, Tiny, Banker, and Bennie. Their lives in your hands. 

What if you can’t save them all? What if you can’t save yourself? Who do you save?

Reynolds, your second in command, will match into the bowels of Hades on your command.

Tiny is your battering ram. An oversized man unwilling to stop pushing forward.

Banker, out of place in a war zone. He’s the closest thing to a medic you have.

And Bennie, if anyone is the stereotypical backwoods boy, it’s him. Growing up hunting and living off grid has prepared him to be your unit’s sharpshooter.

This short story is part of An Unpredictable Short series by author Rusty Ellis. Follow the journey down the rabbit hole and try to discover the ending before it finds you!

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Crouch, Idaho has a secret. A secret hidden behind a paramilitary security force. Their leader calls them a Community. The residents of Crouch call them a cult. Chase Harper doesn't care what they're called. His only concern is they have his sister and his niece, and he wants them back!

Chase, a retired Army Ranger, has to lean on his training, and a heavy dose of instinct, if he has any chance of rescuing his family.

The Holy Light Community proclaims to want nothing more than to be left alone to worship as they please. Their spiritual leader went so far as to hire a paramilitary security force as a buffer between his Community and the world.

The residents of Crouch, Idaho, were suspicious when the Holy Light Community (HLC) purchased 411 acres northeast of town. The rumors grew as the HLC population expanded and a para-military force began patrolling its borders.

When Chase arrives, the little community responds and is willing to put themselves in harm's way. Will Chase allow them to assist in rescuing his sister and niece, even at the threat to their own lives?

Fall of Adam is the first book in The Chase Harper Justice Thriller Series. If you like a story that pulls you through chapter after chapter, then you’ll love Rusty Ellis’ vigilante justice series.

Buy Fall of Adam today!

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