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Life Lessons

Where Have the Children Gone?

Sitting in an overstuffed chair in the corner of my bedroom, I can hear the laughter of children just beyond the outer wall of my backyard. You can hear them yelling, laughing, and once in a while, crying.

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Should You Write to Market: An Author’s Dilemma

There’s a popular term in the writing world directing individuals toward financial success: Write to Market. When you Write to Market, you are discovering what people are paying for and writing to satisfy that niche.  Is there anything wrong with this? Are you a sell-out for doing this?  Yes. And no.  Let me explain it…

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When Does Media Matter? Expectations vs. Reality

Innocently enough, far from on purpose, I had built a habit of chasing the news rabbit down the never ending rabbit hole on my iPad at night while lying in bed. I would tell myself, “It’s important to be aware of the news and current worldview because… (fill in the blank).” The reason I refer…

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Battling Your Inner-Hypocritical Voice

How can you write a book—or an article—when you’re not a professional in the field you’re writing about? Who are you to tell me how to deal with certain things in my life when you are struggling with them yourself? Do you have a degree in that field? I fight a daily battle writing. The…

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Given a Second Chance by Rusty Ellis

Given a Second Chance - Rusty Ellis

Available on!  There are times in life when we are faced with decisions having everlasting effects. Hunter is a high school student, forced to choose which path to take. Hitting his head during an LDS church basketball game, his memory is shaken. The results leave him scrambling to make sense of his relationships with…

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