Do you feel like you haven’t lived up to being a “Good Mother”? Are you anti-Mother’s Day due to the pressure of being a “Perfect Mom”?

Confusing Awesome with Perfect

I bet you’re an awesome mother. I bet you’re more amazing than you think you are. I bet you aren’t perfect. And I bet that’s okay.

My own mother was never a fan of Mother’s Day. I’m not sure if it was having a light shined on her or if it made her introspect how she was doing as a mom. More than likely, it was a little of both.

I’m confident an argument could be made that most women could be classified as “good” mothers. I’m not sure I’ve ever met a perfect mother, though my own mother and wife come to mind.

We tend to beat ourselves up, especially in the arena of motherhood. Though I’ve never been a mother—which is probably a good thing—I’ve met more than one woman who believed that she was not doing in this overall role.

How would you define a perfect mother? More than likely you just thought of someone and pictures their ‘perfect lives’ and their ‘perfect attributes.’ But guess what? Those same people are doing the same thing. They look to others and have this same vision, that they could do so much better. To be brutally honest, it’s a game of false views through rose-colored mommy glasses.

Perfect sounds, well, perfect. But I’m not sure that our families need a perfect mother. I’m more convinced families just want awesome mothers. And I’m pretty confident you are more awesome than you give yourself credit for.

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Awesome Mothers

What constitutes an awesome mother? It’s the never-ending list of little things. It’s the things so commonplace that you just shrug and think, “But that’s what I do, no big deal.”

Guess what? It’s a huge deal!

Ever heard of the saying, “Can’t see the forest through the trees.”? When you’re living in the middle of the chaos (and it can definitely be chaos), it’s hard for you to see the good you are doing and it’s hard for the kids to see the good you are doing. When kids get the chance to step back from the forest and get an aerial view—from moving away or becoming parents themselves—they have the opportunity to see what you’ve done.

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The Takeaway

Hang in there! The myriad of little things you do is the glue that keeps the family together. Your examples are what make our worlds possible. Your work is creating the next generation of, well, everything! From teachers to presidents, from CEOs to bank managers, from police officers to firefighters.

You hold our future in your hands. And you’ve got this because you’re AWESOME!

Keep Fighting the Good Fight. Your Family is Worth It!

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