Getting older does have its benefits, maybe not necessarily health benefits, but you certainly get to know yourself a little better. For instance…

In the morning I like to start my day at the gym riding a stationary bike. While on the bike, I plug in my headphones and watch the news on the screen in front of me (like so many other good little lemmings). While watching the news, my blood pressure and irritation levels climb and dissolve, with no correlation to the speed or setting on the bike. When I reach one of these levels, I reach for me phone and logon to Facebook, with full intentions of making my anger known about said issue, because everyone should know and care how I feel about it! Yeah, right.

Fact is, I usually get a couple of sentences into my cleverly worded post (type, type, type) and then my levels drop and I see how my heated rant will receive more head head shakes (the cool kids say SMH) than, “Yeah! You’re spot on man. Keep the anger lava flowing!” The usual result is forcing my thumb away from the “share” image in the upper-right hand corner and switching to my index finger to continuously slap the virtual backspace key (delete, delete, delete).

You would think that this would be the end of it. That I would learn my lesson and simply change the channel to something less emotionally charging. Me? Nah. I dive right back in and listen to the next story…rinse, wash, repeat.

So I’m at a crossroad now. Watch something different or learn to leave my phone in the fanny pack that is hanging on the pseudo-handlebars of the exercise bike (yes, you read that right, don’t judge, I carry it like a purse and don’t wear it)?

I know, I will just get on Twitter while and riding to pass the time. Hmmm…I can’t believe that dude said that, just a second, need to Tweet a Reply…Type Type Type…Delete Delete Delete…

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