Diary of Link Bloom (An Edward Bloom Chapter Series – Chapter 1)

Meet Edward “Ed” Bloom. This humorous story is set in modern-day Las Vegas, Nevada.

Working as a Runner for a local law firm, Ed is trapped figuring out love, life, and friendships. Neither of these three things are what they seem...even to adults!

When you meet Ed, you will more than likely find things in common with him, and that’s okay. Really.

Follow along in Ed’s diary as he rolls through life through the use of his alter-ego Link Boom and his cathartic blog.

I hope you enjoy these short reads and how they build upon each other.

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I’m Retired. Now What?: Choosing to Live a Happy and Purposeful Retirement Life – Book and Weekly Journal

You made it to retirement! Congratulations! Now what? You still have a reason to grow and develop and lead a purposeful life! The main thing is you need to CHOOSE to do it.

This 6x9 inch book/journal covers five key areas of your life that will help you continue to grow and find purpose as you live the happy life you deserve and want.

The five areas covered in this book are:

  1. Personal Growth
  2. Health
  3. Spiritual
  4. Family (Relationship)
  5. Financial

Along with touching on these five key areas, the back latter-half of the book is a 52-week journal for you to use as a calendar, take notes, write a gratitude journal, write a diary of your accomplishments, and plan your day's events. The use is only limited to what makes you happy.

Go ahead, take the leap and make your retirement a fulfilling and wonderful adventure!

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