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Battling Your Inner-Hypocritical Voice

How can you write a book—or an article—when you’re not a professional in the field you’re writing about? Who are you to tell me how to deal with certain things in my life when you are struggling with them yourself? Do you have a degree in that field? I fight a daily battle writing. The…

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Picture Perfect Murder (The Ransom Walsh Series – Book 1)

cozy mystery picture perfect murder ransom walsh rusty ellis

Available on Amazon! Amazon Sin City has it all. Including a Serial Killer targeting police officers and their families. Given the stakes, former homicide detective Ransom Walsh can’t afford to stay on the sidelines. The city he served for 20 years hasn’t slowed down since retirement and his skills as a former homicide detective are…

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Given a Second Chance by Rusty Ellis

Given a Second Chance - Rusty Ellis

Available on!  There are times in life when we are faced with decisions having everlasting effects. Hunter is a high school student, forced to choose which path to take. Hitting his head during an LDS church basketball game, his memory is shaken. The results leave him scrambling to make sense of his relationships with…

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