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It’s Impossible to Save Others When You’re Drowning

It's Impossible to Save Others When You're Drowning

We live in a world where more and more is expected of us. The pace of technology has made us “available” 24/7. Our switches are forever in the “ON” position. When answering the constant call of technology, when do you have time for YOURSELF? In the midst of devoting your daily tasks to your profession…

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“What Matters” — statistically speaking, of course

One thing I’m learning down this road of life (a little too cliche?), is that my time is becoming more critical — and less bounteous — the older I get. For you statisticians, let’s do the math… Birth to 85 Years (I’ll take it) = 744,600 hours 50 Years old to 85 Years = 306,600…

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