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Crime, Prison and Accountability

A 23 year perspective. Johnny has a troubled childhood. Johnny joins a group of boys. The group of boys makes bad decisions. Johnny gets in trouble and is introduced to the criminal justice system. Johnny is now labeled: “CRIMINAL.” The Crime Johnny turns 18, gets caught peddling methamphetamine and goes to jail. In front of…

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Did You

When darkness crept into your mind Did you think to turn to the light When the arid air strangled your voice Did you turn to the water When your foot pulsed in discomfort Did you discard the pebble When your heart panged in loneliness Did you seek relief from another When your sufferings seemed unbearable…

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The Clap-free Journaling Zone

The Clap-free Journaling Zone February 20, 2018 — I sit at my computer, listening to my “writing” mix on Spotify, waiting for inspiration to hit. And I sit waiting. My usual ritual is to let the lyric-less melodies pull my thoughts in and review yesterday’s events. Somewhere in yesterday lies my inspiration. Not that something…

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The 1980s, Arguably the Best Decade Ever!

The best music ever produced was in the 80s. Ready to argue this? And…GO! Maybe we should first define what “best” means. When I think of 80s music, I think of silliness. I think of non-political rantings from flamboyantly clothed individuals. Besides buying their albums, the main idea was to get the masses to get…

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I Love You, I Hate You — Ode to Amazon Prime

Laying in bed, my wife asleep at my side, my Kindle Fire Tablet giving off an eerie glow, casting off flickers of light on my face as I innocently flip through articles on my RSS reader. Then it happens. I stumble upon an article about Amazon deals of the day. The small, random grid of…

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Drowning in Politics

Seems that everywhere I look on Medium I’m finding more and more writing about, well, let’s just say anti-conservative views. If this comment makes you angry or pushes you to rush to the bottom of my article to fire back a grimaced-faced reply, well then, yup, that. I joined Medium as a way to write…

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