Seems that everywhere I look on Medium I’m finding more and more writing about, well, let’s just say anti-conservative views. If this comment makes you angry or pushes you to rush to the bottom of my article to fire back a grimaced-faced reply, well then, yup, that.

I joined Medium as a way to write about some of the interesting things I’ve seen an learned over the years. In fact, most all of my writing to date has to do with my family and raising my kids (or at least my myriad of drafts sitting in in my unpublished folder are that way).

I know that it’s an open platform for writing and expressing yourself, so I can’t truly bash on seeing so many articles that are contrary to my thoughts and views. I guess that I was just looking for a writing bastion to finally let my hair down (tongue-in-cheek as my head is mostly shaved) and cast off all the politics that exist everywhere else in the social app world.

Am I ranting a little? Probably. Am I looking to pick a political fight? Nah. I can just go to Twitter for that. Actually, I’m exhausted by it all. Truly. Exhausted.

It makes me wonder, were my parents so involved politically as I grew up and I just didn’t notice it? Or has the invent of the internet and progression of technology made it so “in your face” and brutally available that we can’t disconnect from it?

Funny thing is that when I’m with a group of friends and someone goes off about a topic that’s political, even if I agree with their point of view on the topic, I’m immediately exhausted by the discussion. Maybe it’s due to the polarization of it all. The extremeness out their sucks the life out of me at times. It’s though any sort of attempts at finding common ground is viewed as being a turncoat to one group and a win by the other group (depending on your starting point).

The political drums have been beaten with such fury that my ears are numb and my head hurts — not to mention I think I’ve developed an eye-twitch. Instead of jeering at each other from across the room, I wish that we could all drink a potion concocted of common sense and civility and meet somewhere, void of drummers, to discuss our common interests. Come on, we have to have some common interests.

Though they may be defined differently, or possibly in a different order than each others, I would argue that our lists are contrived of many of the same topics that are basic and joy-critical.

Family. Work. Health. Self-Improvement. Spirituality. Freedom.

A few from my list. Do any of them look familiar? The order to which I wrote them does not exactly reflect their importance to me, but more so just their existence on my list.

There, I feel a little better. Have a great day…and hope to meet you in the middle sometime.

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