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In the End, Don’t We Really All Want the Same Thing

In the End, Don't We Really All Want the Same Thing

The constant political battle in the United States is exhausting. My wife’s tactic is to get me to turn off the news, it’s just too negative for her. “I figure you will tell me if something happens that I need to know about.” – Wife Smart move on her part, as I put on my…

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The 1980s, Arguably the Best Decade Ever!

The best music ever produced was in the 80s. Ready to argue this? And…GO! Maybe we should first define what “best” means. When I think of 80s music, I think of silliness. I think of non-political rantings from flamboyantly clothed individuals. Besides buying their albums, the main idea was to get the masses to get…

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Drowning in Politics

Seems that everywhere I look on Medium I’m finding more and more writing about, well, let’s just say anti-conservative views. If this comment makes you angry or pushes you to rush to the bottom of my article to fire back a grimaced-faced reply, well then, yup, that. I joined Medium as a way to write…

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Type Type Type…Delete Delete Delete

Getting older does have its benefits, maybe not necessarily health benefits, but you certainly get to know yourself a little better. For instance… In the morning I like to start my day at the gym riding a stationary bike. While on the bike, I plug in my headphones and watch the news on the screen…

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