The constant political battle in the United States is exhausting. My wife’s tactic is to get me to turn off the news, it’s just too negative for her.

“I figure you will tell me if something happens that I need to know about.” – Wife

Smart move on her part, as I put on my hip-waders and grab a shovel to get ready for the Twitter mines. Oh yeah, forgot my earplugs. There we go, keep my feet dry, selectively use my earplugs, and wade through the muddle with my shovel to find what might—or might not—be the truth.

Sound familiar? Sorry if it does. I have an extra shovel if you need one.

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As I Remember

  • I remember when we could disagree and still be Americans.
  • I remember when people would hurry across the street and not slow traffic before they were somehow “entitled” to be in the way.
  • I remember when kids used to play outside and then ran home when the streetlights flickered on.
  • I remember when the disagreements were arguments and not screaming matches.
  • I remember when you would open the door for someone, out of pure courtesy.
  • I remember when families ate dinner around the dinner table.
  • I remember when you had to be patient to call your friend because your neighbor was on the party-line.

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Reality Check

Now I’m 50. I’ve had another writer on refer to me as an “old dude.” She wrote an article arguing against my problem with writers using cuss words in areas I didn’t feel were necessary. Yep, that happened. Bless her heart (you southerners get this).

This rant is sponsored by…well, me. This was running through my head the past few days. The news agencies (all of them) are busy throwing rocks at each other and one will occasionally hit my front door. I open the door and try not to yell at the agency that threw it. No point. They’ve already moved on and are throwing rocks elsewhere.

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Let’s drop the diatribe of “agree to disagree.” How about we talk about the things that matter to us the most.

How’s your family?
How’s your relationship with your spouse?
How’s your health?
What are you doing to improve yourself?


Pretty good.
Reading, writing, and going to the gym.


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