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Are You Putting in the Parenting to Raise Awesome Kids?

Are You Putting in the Parenting to Raise Awesome Kids

Parenting is hard. – Captain “Rusty” Obvious There’s irony in the saying, “Parenting doesn’t come with a manual.” When in actuality, there are around a gazillion different books out there on parenting. Okay, maybe not a gazillion. It may only be about a bajillion; give or take a baker’s dozen. With all the information available,…

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The Questions That Will Make My Grandson Amazing

grandma ellis and little roy

Another grandson was born recently, so my wife and I traveled to North Dakota to spend time with him (and his parents, too). While holding Little Roy and listening to his grunts and cooing, I couldn’t help but consider the LIFE before him. What will he become? Will he choose to follow his mother and father’s…

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How To Update Applications Like A Boss (An App Addict’s Perspective)

How To Update Applications Like A Boss

It’s true…SMH…it’s true. I’m an update-aholic. My iPhone. My iPad. My Apple Air Laptop. My Amazon Fire. I can’t help myself. I get excited to see what the update brings. The rush of something new. The disappointment when I click on “more” to only see that there have been “bug fixes” with nothing new to…

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What do your #LifeTags say about you?

my life tags

If you added tags to your life, what would they be? How would you describe yourself in five tags? #father #husband #grandfather #son #brother #writer #uncle #nephew #friend #neighbor #cousin #fatherinlaw #soninlaw #brotherinlaw #grandson Again, if you had to choose five to represent yourself, how would you boil down your list? Let’s start with my…

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Every Choice has a Consequence

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. — Viktor Frankl  How we react—how we choose to react—to situations, truly defines us. But the overlying truth is that we “choose.” You are free to make choices, but…

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Rely on a Solid Foundation

The greatest gift you can give your children.   When building any structure, the most critical part is starting with a solid foundation. You could argue that other parts of the structure are just as important, though all discussions will ultimately return to the soundness of the foundation. Would you ever consider building your dream…

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You Want to Marry My Only Daughter?

Trading a son-in-law for a son. I have six kids. Okay, okay, just chill! That’s not where I’m going with this whole story, well, partly. I have five sons and one daughter. The perfect ratio. Not because she is any trouble. With my wife on one side of me at the dinner table, there is only one…

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“Grandpa, What Keeps You Up at Night?”

Now in my 50s, I can say the things that “Keep Me Up at Night” have morphed over time. Pre-Teens: The shadows under my bed and in my closet. Teens: The girls I liked, trying to be popular, an occasional test. 20s: The wide-open possibilities of the world, girls that are now women, college, marriage.…

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How to Search for Hidden Treasures Without Your Grandkids

The other evening, I found myself standing in the middle of my family room, in a trancelike state, surveying every inch of the room. I shun the television (aka Netflix and Amazon Prime), focusing instead of the perplexing game that is now afoot. The game of “Find the Treasure.” If you have seen my profile,…

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The Attractive Bargain of the Irresistible Dollar Menu

How to feed a family for under $20 and have them love you! Feeding a family of eight has been a challenge at times. I can recall Saturday mornings, my five sons lumbering around the kitchen, stirring restlessly as a pan of scrambled eggs slowly cooked into fluffy happiness. My daughter cheerfully flitting around the kitchen,…

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