Another grandson was born recently, so my wife and I traveled to North Dakota to spend time with him (and his parents, too).

While holding Little Roy and listening to his grunts and cooing, I couldn’t help but consider the LIFE before him.

What will he become?
Will he choose to follow his mother and father’s teachings?
Will he follow a traditional or vocational path in life?
Where will he choose to live?
Will he choose to stay close to family?
Will he follow the religious tenets of what he’s taught?
What health challenges will he have?

The trepidation over his choices is quelled by my excitement over his potential for opportunities.

He was born in a country with unending possibilities. A country that will reward him for his efforts — not always, setbacks are part of life — even if his efforts are thwarted at first.

He has the ability to choose his life-path.
He has the freedom to speak his mind and pursue his beliefs.
He has the support of his family.
He has the support of his extended family.

He has the benefits of a genealogical-history providing a number of stories of success, happiness, and lessons learned. Truly, he has every possibility to succeed in life, based on the choices he makes.

So there you go “little man.” You’ve been afforded the ability to choose your destiny in life.


To choose your happiness in life.

To choose to see the opportunities and accept the outstretched arms of those that have gone before you.

You can choose to relive mistakes which have already been conquered by others or to step over the stumbling blocks through learning where they are located in life.

Sure up your mental and emotional muscles, LIFE is waiting to struggle with- and against-you. But know YOUR FAMILY is cheering you on!

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