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The Questions That Will Make My Grandson Amazing

grandma ellis and little roy

Another grandson was born recently, so my wife and I traveled to North Dakota to spend time with him (and his parents, too). While holding Little Roy and listening to his grunts and cooing, I couldn’t help but consider the LIFE before him. What will he become? Will he choose to follow his mother and father’s…

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You’re Going to Hate Me (A grandpa’s confession)

What I did was unconscionable.    On the selfish scale of 1-10, it was a two. Okay, a smidgeon less. Possibly a 1.8.   People dream about it.    Mothers share mythical stories with each other about it.    Fathers scoff at the very thought of even having time to do it.    But children…

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“Grandpa, What Keeps You Up at Night?”

Now in my 50s, I can say the things that “Keep Me Up at Night” have morphed over time. Pre-Teens: The shadows under my bed and in my closet. Teens: The girls I liked, trying to be popular, an occasional test. 20s: The wide-open possibilities of the world, girls that are now women, college, marriage.…

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How to Search for Hidden Treasures Without Your Grandkids

The other evening, I found myself standing in the middle of my family room, in a trancelike state, surveying every inch of the room. I shun the television (aka Netflix and Amazon Prime), focusing instead of the perplexing game that is now afoot. The game of “Find the Treasure.” If you have seen my profile,…

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You say Home, I say Castle

My home is my Castle, in many traditional senses of what a Castle represents. My Castle stands as a means of protection from the outside world for my family. Our Castle is intended to be the one place where they could recharge, recover, and gain the physical and mental strength to go back out and…

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