Could Someone Please Tell Me, “Am I a Writer, Yet?”

How do you know when you’ve become a writer? When have you earned this social badge? Is it when…

  1. Own a blog.
    Written several blog posts.
    Written a blog post on another venue.
  2. Keep a daily journal.
  3. Have an idea for a novel.
    Started a novel.
    Started two novels.
    Started three novels.
    Have another brilliant idea and create a fourth un-finished novel.
  4. Purchase a writing application.
    Purchase several writing applications.
  5. Make your first $5.73 writing.
  6. Add the word “writer” after your name on your email signature.
  7. Gain at least one follower (not your mom) on your blog or Medium.
  8. Write at least one post a week, every week, with no end in sight.
    (What if you stop for a week, are you not a writer during that time?)
  9. Quit your day job.
  10. Excitedly wake up every morning ready to write.
    Excitedly wake up every morning to check your stats on Medium.
  11. Turn everything you see and hear into a possible story.
  12. Drive your significant other crazy with your background writing music.

So, I ask, am I there yet? Are you there yet? Are we writers? Did we make it?

So far, I haven’t wanted to sound too audacious telling people that I’m a writer. I usually turn to saying that, “I’ve been doing some writing lately.

Maybe when I push one of my novel ideas (novel as in a book, not novel as in unique) through, then I can declare myself a writer. Luckily for me, I have several awesome novels that I’ve started (my wife told me so).

For now, I’m content with telling people that I’ve been writing quite a ‘bit lately’. But then again, how important is the title? Hmmm…sounds like another good idea for a story…down the rabbit hole I go!

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