I’ve been writing on Medium now for a couple of months. Though I’ve written quite a few articles in that time, I’ve read many more.

I’ve read everything from how to be a better writer to how to ‘crush’ being a writer on Medium. I’ve followed a number of writers and publications and have hidden a few others that were just too negative and distracting on my reading timeline.

There have been writers with thousands of followers and individuals that appear to just enjoy reading the articles that are being posted (thank goodness for them).

ralph / Pixabay

As for me, based on my influx of money (did I mention the $5.73 from last week?), I’m a writer. Yeah, no big deal. I just let the keyboard and my wandering mind do the work. Okay, Grammarly has saved my bacon on more than one occasion when a ‘there’ was misrepresented by a ‘their’ (oh, the humanity!).

The crazy thing is that I’m so proud of this pocket change I “earned” last week from my writing. It validates that there (not their) may actually be a little talent there attached to my overactive thoughts. It excites me that individuals have found some value in these thoughts and how I conveyed them on digital paper.

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I should mention that this small amount of money represents hours of work. However, one thing I refuse to do is deconstruct the hours of work and divide them into the amount of money, though my mind anxiously is curious. I refuse to reverse-engineer my earnings and diminish its emotional worth. I would simply rather say, “I’m a writer!” <drop the mic, gently, it’s not actually mine>

The only thing left to do at this point is facing the negotiation phase with my wife about how much of the $5.73 I get to keep…

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