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You Didn’t Get a Trophy? Work harder!

“Hey, Johnson.” “Yes, sir?” “You’ve done an average, blasé job this year. I’m putting you I for a raise” “But sir, wait, what?” Ever had this happen at work? Yeah, me neither (my name’s not Johnson anyway). So why are we treating our kids this way? Are we really teaching our children anything positive by…

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Features of the New and Improved Life App!

The Life App

Have you used the Life app lately? Have you tested all of its features? Do you have the notifications turned on? One way to tell is if you’ve ignored your other apps. For instance, my Life App has been so busy with notifications that I haven’t looked at Facebook for two days. You are either…

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Hacking Mount Pomodoro (Technique)

Are you familiar with the Pomodoro Technique? Simply put, you work for a certain amount of time, stay on point, and then take a break. This is a crazy oversimplification, but in essence, it’s what I get from it. Oh yeah, then you chain several together, try to see how many you do in a…

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