Have you used the Life app lately?
Have you tested all of its features?
Do you have the notifications turned on?

One way to tell is if you’ve ignored your other apps. For instance, my Life App has been so busy with notifications that I haven’t looked at Facebook for two days.

You are either thinking, “Yeah, so?” or “Are you out of your mind?!?”

To App or Not To App, That’s the Notification

If it’s no big deal, I congratulate you (and envy you a little). But I’m not just talking about Facebook. Are you glued to another app (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.)? The former, good on you. The latter, same fail as us Facebook-ers.

But if you truly aren’t hooked on social media, that must feel amazing. Not worrying about what’s going on with faux-friends and friends-of-friends and friend-of-friends-of-friends. Keeping track of all of these extended ‘friends’ can be exhausting.

If you prefer to check on your status in ‘Life’ instead of your status in the ether, you are successful on the best platform available. Every single ‘follower’ in Life is worth exponentially more than your followers on Twitter. Every ‘like’ in Life is worth so much more than a like on Facebook. Every ‘heart’ in Life is so much more powerful than a heart on Instagram.

Step Away from the Phone

We all have friends that can’t ignore the soft ding of their notifications. The sound floats up, grabs them by either side of the head, and forcefully pulls their face into the screen. It doesn’t matter the content or urgency of our conversation, when the sound chimes, their face loses expression, and they look at their phone.

I’m sure there have even been times when could walk away, leaving them to the lure of the chimes, unaware of your absence.

When the friends in your OS take precedence over your friends in front of you, you’re doing it wrong.

Check Applications or Put Applications in Check

Your applications do have a place in your life. There are friends that we may never see again—in person—but we are able to watch their lives from a distance. Your applications can make it easy to announce events or get-togethers. We share struggles and learn of births, weddings, and even losses. We learn of graduations and see ‘status’ changes. Someone bought a new car. Someone moved. Someone changed jobs. Someone ate the best-burger-ever. Another person checked in at the airport. We smile, tear-up, laugh, and question what people were thinking. All very entertaining and interesting.

Put Priority on Your LIFE App

Make sure and check in on Life. Give attention to the real notifications happening around you. The ‘chat’ portion of Life is awesome. Take advantage of it and chat with friends around you. Direct message friends by using the sticky note tool—an actual sticky note (maybe even leave it on their phone screen). Instead of taking a picture of your next meal, use the invite tool and go to lunch with a friend.

And yes, it’s okay to take a selfie of the two of you to post on the other applications. Just post it after lunch. Don’t ignore the Life chat app while with your friend. The others can wait to see that the two of you are busy on your new platform.

The Life app!

The Life App Icon


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