Let’s see, what to read, what to read…

<click> Google Chrome icon
<click> Medium.com bookmark
<surf> Breeze through the Article Titles and Images on Medium
<choose> Ahhh, catchy title and a snazzy pic — WINNER!

What pushes me over the top on selecting articles to read on Medium tends to be visual candy — also known as the Feature Image. It’s the Feature Image that emotionally pulls me into the article.

I have a need for the Article Title to marry up with the Feature Image and start my emotional investment. I’m not so naive to think that people in the image are actually connected to the article, however, this does not stop my mind from trying to add emotional buy-in and connect the two.

And when this works — <Super-CLICK> — I dive into reading the article!

How do you writers choose your article images? People. Colors. Objects. What if you could add a little text to the image and really make it POP?!? Interested? Well, for a low-low payment of just…kidding, kidding. It’s actually free.

Let me introduce you to the quickest online product I’ve ever discovered.


I’ve been using it since it’s inception in early-2015. It’s my “go to” tool for fast social media image creation. And don’t be scared, it’s way easy-peasy to use.

At its base, the application applies text to images — BOOM, simple!

They also have a database of over 600,000+ searchable images that you can use as a backdrop for your fancy-pants articles.

What about the images and copy write? From Buffer:

If I make an image in Pablo, can I use it for my personal or commercial project/branding/ads?

You absolutely would be safe copyright-wise when you use a Pablo creation, as long as that creation just contains image and text that you searched for from within Pablo.

As soon as you import or upload an image/logo/icon/etc from elsewhere we’re relying on you to double check rights for those elements.

Go ahead and give it a go. See how easy it is to use for those times when you really need to make a point with some text on the image.

Rusty, you’re a genius for finding and sharing this!” Awwww, you guys rock, and you’re welcome!

Enjoy: https://pablo.buffer.com/

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