Are You Making Better Decisions in Your Life?

There is one eternal rule that holds true, no matter your status in life, no matter your wealth, no matter your political affiliations, and that is that you can’t change the past.

You could argue that someone could cover up the past, using power, influence, and/or money. However, underneath still lies the truth. Though it may be difficult to attain, it is always there.

Each one of us is at this exact location in life due to our past. This usually includes a mixture of our heritage, our upbringing, our friends, and adding a heaping helping of our choices. The combination of these items leaves you exactly where you are at today, this hour, this second, this location, this mindset.

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Even though you have no power to change your past, you do have the power to change your future, starting from this same instant. Just as the last second is now past and out of your grasp, stamped with the choices you made about how to spend it, your next second belongs to you and your choices. Each ticking second passes across time from the controllable to the uncontrollable. As you live in the now, you have control over those seconds. Their brief existence passing through your grasp, landing in the past, forever cemented as a reminder of a choice you made.

Diving too deep into this thought process could make you a little wonky (love that word). So let’s consider this, if you review the past for success and happiness, real success and happiness, not pseudo-success and -happiness, then take this and apply it to the time that is flowing at us in the future, you create a roadmap of potential life wins.

However, it’s just as important to determine what things in the past have reflected choices that have been detrimental to your life. I’m not asking you to dwell on these things, as dwelling on these things is a waste of the seconds coursing through your life. Instead, take the failed attempts, the sad times, the acts of unkindness, the choices that you made and their corresponding consequences, and learn from them. Gain wisdom from them. Know that repeating these things will not result in success and happiness. Making the same poor choices over and over and hoping for a better result is a sad waste of your potential of time and change. Again, learn wisdom from it, and move on.

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You have the ability to choose how you spend your seconds every day. You make the choice as to who has control over those seconds. Sometimes you have to negotiate with yourself, turning some of those seconds over to others in order to earn some seconds for yourself. But as I said, it is still your choice.

You have the ability to choose. Learn from your past, charge into your future with the knowledge that you make choices over the unstoppable flow of time that is allotted to you. Use it well and good luck!

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