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Evernote to WordPress to Medium — A Workflow Story

I’m infatuated with automation and workflow. For example, you should see how many apps I have on my iPhone…sad, just sad. Whenever I read about an app that can “change the world,” by automating two steps into one, well, just gotta download it and check it out!

Once and I while I will stumble upon a workflow that rocks. And I’ve found one for posting articles on my website and Medium. Here we go…

I’ve bought into Evernote. I paid for the first level of membership to have access to Evernote on multiple devices. Not only do I use it to capture documents and business cards, but I use it as my main writing app and to capture “read later” items from the web (Web Clipper extension mainly).

Evernote — MacOS Desktop Version

Let me back up a little. I’ve written a number of articles on Medium thus far, and I wanted to have these same articles on my personal website (WordPress platform). But, I didn’t want to play the copy/paste game and go back and forth between the two platforms.

For now, I write my articles in Evernote, then copy my completed article to my WordPress website; here, I add my images and fine-tune the article. On my WordPress site, I have installed a plug-in (made by Medium) that saves the blog post as a draft to my Medium account (GENIUS!).

WordPress Plug-In for Medium

You can change the preferences in the plugin to just post it to Medium, but I prefer to take a look at it an play with the formatting just a bit before the final post goes live.

Simple, right? Works for me! Hope this helps a little for those that ran into the same conundrum of double-posting to your website and to Medium.

I geek, therefore I am

Originally published at Man Ramblings.

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