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I’m a Writer, and This is How I Workflow

The path of technical least resistance. From Evernote to my MacBook Air…fasten your seatbelt, keep your arms inside the application at all times, and here we go… Hardware First off, I’m a Mac guy. I use a MacBook Air, an iPad Pro (10.5), and an iPhone 8 Plus. These work seamlessly with the apps that…

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“I was seeing another application, but it’s over now, it was just a fling”

– Me, to Evernote. I’m having trouble being totally loyal to my applications. I’m always looking for the next-latest-greatest-whiz-bang-cure-the-world-of-all-its-problems application. And guess what? I still haven’t found it yet. Yet. Why can’t I just be content with the apps that I have and not let the bells and whistles distract me? After all, it should…

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Evernote to WordPress to Medium — A Workflow Story

I’m infatuated with automation and workflow. For example, you should see how many apps I have on my iPhone…sad, just sad. Whenever I read about an app that can “change the world,” by automating two steps into one, well, just gotta download it and check it out! Once and I while I will stumble upon…

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