Gmail is Killing Your Business

There’s an old saying, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

My follow-up advice, “Don’t ruin it with a Gmail account.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Gmail hater. Really. In fact, me and the ‘Big G’ go way back to the days of when you had to buy your email through eBay or know someone willing to give you one of their precious “3 Invites”.

Yeah. That’s how long it’s been for me. But one thing I know… my is only there for my personal communication.

One of the quickest deal-killers when requesting help in any type of business purchase is having the person give a email address.

This says two things to me:

  1. They’re not invested in their job/business, and/or
  2. They don’t have faith in their product/service

Either way, I choose to keep my credit card in my wallet when it comes to these folks.

A few years back, when Gmail was just coming online, it may have been a little bit avant-garde to provide this as your primary business email, but with the ease of purchasing websites and custom URLs, there’s just no excuse in 2019.

Let’s say you have a company XYZnABC. If I’m a customer, I expect your business card to tell me to contact you on your phone or by emailing you at (we can talk about websites some other time). If instead, your card shows an email address of, then the deal’s over.

Again, show me through your email you’re invested in your job/business and product/service through putting in a little effort.

And please, please, please, don’t try and tell me you can’t afford it and are bootstrapping your business. You can buy a domain at for $1.99 (first year) and then pay them $5/month for hosting. That’s a $61.99 investment the first year. You can afford to tuck that into your bootstrap, certainly.

Bootstrap your business and don't use gmail

Then you just forward all your emails sent to to your Gmail account!

See, I have love for Gmail and it’s place in the system. You can even set up your Gmail account to look like you’re sending responses to those email from your account.

Ahhh, the net is a beautiful place. With $61.99 and a little effort, you can have the email of your dreams and capture my business!

There. My rant is done. Until next time.

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