Perfection is the Antagonist of Creativity

Perfection is the Antagonist of Creativity

Perfection challenges your worth.
Creativity finds value in our individuality.

Perfection stifles you from putting your thoughts into the ether.
Creativity allows voice to go beyond logic.

Perfection traps your song in your head.
Creativity allows our song to be heard by others.

Perfection judges others and concerns itself with the world’s view.
Creativity invites diversity and directs our own moral compass.

Perfection points your finger at others.
Creativity reaches out the hand to lift up.

Perfection incessantly exhausts and consumes.
Creativity frees and exhilarates.

Perfection says, “You’re not good enough.”
Creativity asks, “What if we try?”

Perfection speaks to me and mine.
Creativity discusses we and us.

Perfection unfairly judges and accuses you.
Creativity seeks answers and solutions.

Perfection hordes accolades and awards.
Creativity shares in victory and success.

Perfection strangles the moment.
Creativity embraces the journey.

Perfection plays it safe, damming dreams.
Creativity gushes with ideas and encourages.

Perfection identifies flaws and weaknesses.
Creativity celebrates our uniqueness and the possibilities.

Perfection dissuades the ascent.
Creativity encourages our climb.

Perfection mandates your compliance.
Creativity offers you autonomy and choice.

Perfection or Creativity?

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