Last night, lights out in our bedroom was at 9 pm, typical for my wife and I (early risers), and we quickly drifted asleep (win). About two hours later, I awoke to a great idea for a writing topic. Lying there, I got into a wrestling match with my mind: go back to sleep because it was late, or quickly get up and write down my idea? The magnetic pull of my pillow won, and I returned to sleep.

Waking up this morning I sat down at the keyboard to elaborate on last night’s idea…nothing. It was gone. I’m not sure where it went. Maybe my pillow absorbed it and I need to put my head back down to retrieve it — good try evil sleep demon. But now, sitting here, typing, listening to the lullaby of non-lyrical music on my laptop as I peck this keyboard, the idea avoids me. The idea avoids me! I can only hope that it’s still up there somewhere, amid the other noise and monkey with clanging cymbals, waiting for another time to pop up and let me claim my reward for acting on it.

My wife came into the living room to ask how “my writing” was going this morning. I rehashed my failure to capture my inspiration last night and she commented that she had a small notebook in her nightstand, just for such instances. Of course she does, being awesome is just what she is.

On my nightstand, I have a cellphone and an iPad, within arm’s reach just in case the world is ending and I either need to call Washington or I need to read something quickly to save humanity. For the record, if I called Washington they would either say, “Who are you?” or would remind me of the court order that was in place — kidding about the court-order (#maybe #maybenot). Either way, turning on an electronic device for a few minutes would more than likely pull me into one of my critical notifications regarding social media. So yeah, not gonna do it.

With that, I have my ANSWER! If I wake up in the middle of the night with an inspiring idea or thought, I will gently nudge my wife and have her write down my idea. Boom! Problem solved. I love it when a problem rears it’s challenging head and I crush it with a ninja roundhouse kick solution.

“Your wife is one lucky woman,” I hear you saying.

“Yes, yes she is…”

Originally published at Man Ramblings.

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