“I’m going to make so much money on this affiliate program!”

Or so I thought.

One thing I discovered, joining an affiliate network to make money is the opposite of getting to inbox zero. The irony is that I spent money to have my inbox flooded with offers from the affiliate network. And did I even make money?

Please, don’t ask me about that.

I have a hard time understanding how these programs expect to make money off you by flooding your inbox with offers from their program—over and over and over…

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the importance of a drip campaign on potential clients. There are several different rules that individuals selling any kind of product or service stand by. Each one of these mantras has the same goal in mind–keeping at the forefront of their client’s minds in order to make a sell. 

The problem with my most recent venture into chasing “shiny objects” instead of focusing on what I should be doing ended with me unsubscribing from the affiliate programs emails. Again, the most difficult part of this to swallow is knowing I paid for them to send me this barrage of emails.

They were pretty sneaky about it in the beginning. An email every couple days. An email every one to two days. And then it happened. I started receiving emails every single day from them. That’s when their drip campaign turned into a  full-on waterboarding campaign.

How did I deal with it?

The same as anyone else would do, I simply deleted each email as it came in. I didn’t unsubscribe right away, after all, I had paid for these emails. I paid to receive these emails and offers of amazing deals on their courses so they could make money on their affiliate network.

If I unsubscribed, I would be admitting I failed. I was a bad student. I wasn’t following their program and making an incredibly healthy passive income from their fantastic system.

How ridiculous is it that I had to do some soul-searching to actually come to the conclusion I needed to hit unsubscribe on the bottom of the latest email I received from them?

It was actually a mental wrestling match. Strike that. It was more like a bare-knuckle fistfight in an alley at night with no one watching but me and the company at the other end of the knuckles I was dodging.

So, I did it. I pulled my arm back as far as it would go, releasing the haymaker on my keyboard and punching the unsubscribe button right in the mouth!

How did I feel? I looked over my left shoulder, and then over my right. Nobody was watching. No one noticed the fight I was in. In fact, I’m sure that no sooner had I left the affiliate alley there was another contestant stepping in my spot.

I’m sure they won’t even know I’m gone. They won’t talk about account #4435278 and wonder how I’m doing. Sure, they’ll miss my direct deposit to their account, but as a cheap date, I know I’ll be quickly replaced.

I learned my lesson. My inbox now breaths a sigh of relief at the void left by the lack of receiving their repetitive emails.

The only thing left to do? Work through cleaning up my YouTube suggestions I’m left with over dabbling in affiliate marketing.

Do yourself a favor, instead of chasing $100 a day in promised affiliate marketing revenue, go get a job flipping burgers. They won’t waterboard you with emails and you’ll actually earn a paycheck; that’s if you don’t eat too many burgers on your break.

Stay strong!

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