“I’m working on a novel.” – me and about every writer I know.

Before I started writing, I would actually spend time reading books for enjoyment and knowledge. Now that I’m working on another novel (really), my reading is a little more critical.

Justify My Writing Existence

Being painfully truthful, I read books in my genre for energy to write. It’s not what you think. I get energy from reading these books and thinking, “My writing’s just as good as this author, in fact, it’s better.”

Rude? Maybe.
Judgemental? Partially.
Cocky? Guilty.

Reading other author’s work invigorates me. It helps me see the reality they are people with talent that have pushed through.

The Difference Between Novel and No Novel

Anyone can start a novel. Write a sentence. Go ahead, I dare you. Now call it the beginning of your novel. There, you can tell people, “I just started on my novel.”

There’s a big difference between starting a novel and publishing a novel. The steps involved to get to the completed stage is an obstacle for most, to the point of thinking there is no real way to reach the novel summit.

In order to publish, you really have to be willing to go beyond just the “writing” phase of your book. You have to be willing to follow through on the rest of the steps needed, either through traditional publishing or self-publishing.

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The Publishing Mountain

In the self-publishing route, you have several daunting hurdles beyond hitting “The End.”

  • Hire an editor.
  • Hire a graphic artist for your cover.
  • Set up Amazon account (best exposure).
  • Set up Amazon author page.
  • Format your book for publication (digital/print).
  • Get your book out to family/friends/email list for review.
  • Encourage them to review on Amazon when your book goes live, without breaking Amazon’s review solicitation rules.
  • Advertise on Facebook and possibly Amazon.
  • Start a Facebook group page (latest info is groups work better than pages for authors).
  • Make sure you’ve started on your next novel. Don’t leave a hungry crowd without another book to consume.

See? Simple.

In the world of writing, you can tag yourself with a number of accomplishments. Writer. Author. Writing a Novel. And Published Author.

Good luck and keep climbing the mountain to PUBLISH!

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