“Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” ― Winston Churchill

Wanting it all today sets your mind up for failure. Standing at the base of that mountain, the summit can seem unattainable. At the base of the climb, those lofty goals can change your mind from “I can do this” to “I should go and grab a burger.” Not a total loss—if you like burgers—but a setback nonetheless.

As you wouldn’t show up to make the climb in jogging shorts and runner’s shoes–ready to sprint up the mountain–your preparation and mindset are key to a successful summit.

For me, I love the reality of, “What’s the next step?

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With this thought, you’re not considering launching to the summit at a dead sprint. You are taking stock in your preparation. You are breaking down the summit into achievable tasks.


Have you ever climbed that task before? No?
What makes you think you can conquer it now?

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I can conquer the summit because I have the ability to conquer the steps it takes to get there.
I’ve either conquered these steps before or have the ability to stretch and meet these incremental goals.
My success is the result of stringing my bursts of success into the longer goal.
I must only achieve each step and commit to the next step.

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Life is based on the small successes, strung together, to create a successful cord from which your ascent to the summit is not only possible, but INEVITABLE! – Rusty

So what are you doing today to mount your summit?

What small successes are you committed to that will add to your ascent?

Take the first step and create positive motion in the direction of success!

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