Title: A Millennial War
Series: An Unpredictable Short #3
Published by: 8 Shady Pines Press
Release Date: October 29, 2018
Genre: ,
Pages: 25


The enemy’s closing. Hunting you and your four men. Reynolds, Tiny, Banker, and Bennie. Their lives in your hands. 

What if you can’t save them all? What if you can’t save yourself? Who do you save?

Reynolds, your second in command, will match into the bowels of Hades on your command.

Tiny is your battering ram. An oversized man unwilling to stop pushing forward.

Banker, out of place in a war zone. He’s the closest thing to a medic you have.

And Bennie, if anyone is the stereotypical backwoods boy, it’s him. Growing up hunting and living off grid has prepared him to be your unit’s sharpshooter.

This short story is part of An Unpredictable Short series by author Rusty Ellis. Follow the journey down the rabbit hole and try to discover the ending before it finds you!

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