Title: And She Ran
Series: An Unpredictable Short #2
Published by: 8 Shady Pines Press
Release Date: October 27, 2018
Genre: ,
Pages: 25


Ava has a choice, fall prey or run. Fear drives her forward, staying in motion, refusing to stop. Their only mistake? Finding her.

Everything she owns is in an overstuffed bag clutched against her chest. The few worldly items make her mobile, light enough to keep moving, to keep running. A few items of clothing, a pair of heels, and a pocket knife. Everything in the world she owns.

Good deeds can be misconstrued, dangerously so. Kind acts can be twisted into perceived subtle attacks— causing fear, retribution, and the need to flee, at any and all costs. And the costs can include your life.

This short story is part of An Unpredictable Short series by author Rusty Ellis. Follow the journey down the rabbit hole and try to discover the ending before it finds you!

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