Title: Permanent Resident
Series: An Unpredictable Short #1
Published by: 8 Shady Pines Press
Release Date: October 26, 2018
Genre: ,
Pages: 33


She knows what Teena’s done. She’s willing to keep Teena’s secret, never abandon her, and protect her to the end. They want Teena back. 

Teena Pierce is enjoying her time at a hotel and spa when she notices her surroundings changing. Pieces of her world begin to unravel, one strand at a time. The more she learns about the hotel and her stay, the closer the pain of the past and what she’s done returns.

They claim to want her to “get better.”

Her closest friend and constant companion is willing to overlook what she’s done. More importantly, to protect her from reentering their world and suffering from her past.

This short story is part of An Unpredictable Short series by author Rusty Ellis. Follow the journey down the rabbit hole and try to discover the ending before it finds you!

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