How to Make Your First $5.73 as a Medium Writer

I’ve been writing on Medium now for a couple of months. Though I’ve written quite a few articles in that time, I’ve read many more. I’ve read everything from how to be a better writer to how to ‘crush’ being a writer on Medium. I’ve followed a number of writers and publications and have hidden…

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Searching for a Crack in Your Writer’s Block

I wake up excited to write. I get up at 3:00 a.m. to start writing, fitting in some “me time” to write before I jettison off to my bill-paying employer. Spinning my chair around at my desk at the back of the family room, I sit down and flip open my MacBook Air, <command><tab> Evernote,…

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Evernote to WordPress to Medium — A Workflow Story

I’m infatuated with automation and workflow. For example, you should see how many apps I have on my iPhone…sad, just sad. Whenever I read about an app that can “change the world,” by automating two steps into one, well, just gotta download it and check it out! Once and I while I will stumble upon…

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