Here’s the deal, when my kids were old enough to start middle school, round about 12-years old, they were allowed to go to bed as late as they wanted. Really. As. Late. As. They. Wanted.* (note little starry thingie)

About the “*,” the caveat was that they could not surf television, but could read a book or watch a specific show from our family DVD collection (we had at least 300 of them). Oh yeah, one more thing, they had to get themselves up the next morning for school without any prompting from the parental units (me and their mom). This last one was the kicker.

Question: So what do you think happened? (cue Alex Trebek and the Jeapordy soundtrack)

Answer: They all learned to go to bed at a time that would make it bearable to get up in the morning.

Okay, okay, they may have tested the water a couple of times, but they quickly learned that a night of binge-watching from the family DVD collection was not worth the brutal, obnoxious audible fist-fight with the alarm clock in the morning. Life lesson learned. Parenting ninja!

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